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Food Justice: Rewriting Rules to Secure Our Food Future

posted Oct 26, 2009, 4:20 PM by admin   [ updated Oct 26, 2009, 4:29 PM ]

A workshop with Geoff Tansey

Sunday November 1, 2009

Reformed Church of Highland Park

9am – 10am

Geoff Tansey and his family live in the UK in a small village near Manchester, England. He is an internationally recognized authority on the many policy issues relating to food use and production. He was the founding editor of the Dutch publication Food Technology, and was for 5 years a UK agricultural advisor to the Turkish government. He and his family lived in Turkey for those five years. He has for many years worked with the Quakers out of Geneva, Switzerland, studying and lecturing around the world on issues of food policy. He is a frequent contributor to the World Bank on international food policy.

Geoff is currently working for a fair and sustainable food system as one of six UK Joseph Rowntree Visionaries for a Just and Peaceful World. This one-time, five year appointment is somewhat of a UK equivalent to the MacArthur "Genuis" Awards in this country. The six Rowntree Awards were in celebration of the Rowntree Chocolate Company's centennial and in keeping with the spirit of the founder's Quaker background.

Geoff is a member and Trustee of the UK's Food Ethics Council. He has published numerous articles in academic journals and in the popular press and has edited two books on food issues. His latest book, The Future Control of Food: A Guide to International Negotiations and Rules on Intellectual Property, Biodiversity, and Food Security, received a Prize in the Guild of Food Writers Awards 2009.

Geoff and Kathy have just returned from a three-week speaking tour in India. Geoff will be in the U.S. to meet with UN and U.S. government officials in New York and Washington from late Oct. into early November.